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What are the problems to be paid attention to in installing the engine assembly process

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The assembly order of the engine is in the reverse order with the disassembly. At the same time, we should pay attention to the following matters: (1) all assembly parts must be cleaned, no dirt, burrs and parts are mixed. (2) the sliding and frictional surfaces of the engine should be coated with engine lubricating oil. (3) the parts of the engine running clearance should be checked in accordance with the provisions in the assembly, the unqualified parts should be replaced or adjusted, and the gap gap is not allowed. (4) when assembling, we should pay attention to the direction mark and match mark of the parts and spare parts. (5) for the assembly of engine parts, such as crankshaft bearing, connecting rod, piston and so on, they must be installed in situ. If they are to be replaced, they must be replaced in groups. (6) the gaskets and gaskets of each part of the engine should be replaced when they are assembled. (7) the o - shaped seal and oil seal of each part of the engine must be in a perfect state of technology. In general, new parts should be replaced. (8) for the part where the sealant is used, we should strictly abide by the regulations, apply the prescribed sealant, and not replace the glue with oil, so as not to cause leakage and affect the assembly quality. (9) for the tightening torque of the fastener of each part of the engine, the torque wrench should be checked strictly and the torque wrench should be used. It is not allowed to be arbitrary, fastened by feeling, or to be too tight and loose, causing unsafe factors. (10) when assembling engines, special tools must be used for all parts and components that are required to be assembled by special tools. No tools must be replaced by general tools, so as to avoid damaging parts and affect assembly quality.