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Magnesium alloy column

Magnesium alloy
Magnesium alloy is the current domestic and foreign latest casting materials, in the domestic current master production process but also not a few, our company is one of them, the existing two sets of high Jingmei alloy die-casting machine, an annual output of 500 tons of magnesium casting and machining the corresponding matching.
Properties of magnesium alloys
1, light quality, high specific strength and high specific stiffness, is a fine, lightweight structural material. The density of magnesium alloy is about 1.74g/cm2, which is 2/3 of aluminum alloy and 1/4 of steel, but its specific strength and specific stiffness are better than aluminum alloy and steel, much higher than that of engineering plastics.
2, good shock absorption performance. Magnesium alloys have higher vibration absorbency and lower noise, which can reduce noise transmission in the shell of the product. It can absorb vibration and prolong the service life of the parts.
3, non magnetic, with good shielding performance of electromagnetic wave, so it is used in electronic products.
4, the dimension stability is high, and the change of size is small because of the change of environment temperature and time.
5, good heat dissipation, second only to aluminum alloy.
6, the die casting is good, the minimum wall thickness of the casting can reach 0.6mm.
7. Good cutting performance, with low cutting force, high cutting effect and long tool life.
8, 100% recyclable, is a kind of excellent renewable metal material.
9, poor corrosion resistance, exposure to the air environment, will occur oxidation corrosion. In order to improve the corrosion resistance, the surface treatment of the castings is required.

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